Service Process

Consultant & Quotation

To get started, please email us your game’s files, sketches, ideas or any other information you can provide. Our project managers can answer questions about various aspects of the game and the manufacturing process, provide you with suggestions to ensure that the final tabletop game meets your initial design expectations. At the same time, we will provide you with a detailed quotation and discuss to come up with the most cost-effective solution.

Design Verification

Our technicians will review your print files to ensure they comply with our design guidelines and meet your artistic requirements. If your game includes custom plastics, wood components, or metal parts, our technicians will analyze your 3D designs or other component designs. They can provide suggestions and minor design adjustments, as well as offer solutions if any issues arise, preparing them for manufacturing.

Prototype Making

Your files and designs have been approved, and it's time for prototype making (or pre-production copy). It will include boxes, rules, cards, punchboards, gameboards etc.. We will also provide free samples of plastics, wood, metal, dice, and other non-printing components of the prototype, so you can evaluate the complete version of the game. Then, you and your project manager will review your prototype step by step through emails to determine any changes needed before mass production.

Mass Production

After your approval of the prototype, we initiate the mass production process. As we near completion of the mass production, we will send you with the Mass Production Copy. You and your project manager will carefully examine this copy to ensure that your game is fully prepared for the final assembly stage.


Once you have approved the Mass Production Copy, we proceed with the assembly of your games. Our diligent quality control team meticulously inspects your components during the assembly process to ensure that everything is complete and accurate, and that your game is expertly packed into the box.


We collaborate with a reliable network of experienced global shipping partners and have the flexibility to transport your games by ocean, air, or land, depending on your specific budget and timing requirements. Regardless of the destination or chosen mode of transportation, we guarantee the safe and punctual arrival of your games. If you’ve made your own shipping arrangements or have a shipping agent who will arrange to pick up your games, you are welcome to do so with no additional fees.
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