Two Piece Box / Set-up Box

This packaging box consists of two separate pieces, a lid, and a base. It is often used for board games, card games, and other small items. The box is easy to assemble and provides a secure and stylish way to store and transport products.

Magnetic Box

Magnetic Box is a type of packaging box that features a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure ensures that the box stays securely closed, while also making it easy to open and close. This box is an excellent choice for products that need a high-end look and feel.


Tuckbox is commonly used for card games and small items. It is designed with flaps that tuck in to secure the contents. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and offers a convenient and compact storage solution. If you are looking for a cost-effective and practical packaging solution, tuckbox will be an excellent choice.

Cardboard Tray

Made from durable cardboard material, cardboard trays provide a structured and protective layout to keep items arranged and prevent damage during storage or transportation. The trays can be customized to fit specific product dimensions and specifications, offering a convenient and organized solution.

Plastic Tray

Plastic Trays, also known as vacuum-formed trays or blister trays, are designed for organizing and securing the components of board games. The plastic sheet is heated and molded into a customized shape to create a plastic tray that fits your game's components. It is durable and lightweight, offering a professional and sleek solution for customers.

Pulp Tray / Egg Tray

The Pulp Tray is a type of packaging material made from recycled paper pulp. It is commonly used as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic trays in various industries, including food and beverage packaging. Pulp trays are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, making them a sustainable choice for packaging. They are often used to hold and protect products during transportation and storage.


We offer booklet printing for game rules with a variety of binding options to choose from. Our binding options include saddle-stitch, perfect-bound, wire-bound, and hardcover bindings. Each binding option has its own unique benefits and we can recommend the best option based on your needs. Our booklets are made with high-quality paper and printing to ensure clear and easy-to-read instructions.

Paper Sheet

Paper sheets can be used for printing game rules, promotional materials, or any other purpose you need. Our paper sheets come in various size, thicknesses, finishes and colors, can be colorfully printed according to your request. Whether you have a simple and concise set of rules or need eye-catching promotional pages, we have the perfect paper sheet for you.


We offer cards in various sizes, with options for card stock core and a variety of finishes, ensuring that your cards not only suit your game well but also look stunning. All the cards are carefully crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and a smooth playing experience. Whether you need cards for a large-scale board game or a simple card game, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.


A gameboard is an essential component of most board game. We understand that every game is unique, which is why we offer a wide selection of sizes, folding, different papers and finishes. To ensure durability, we reinforce the edges of our game boards, preventing wear and tear during gameplay. We believe that a game board should not only be functional but also visually appealing, trust us to create a game board that will be the centerpiece of your tabletop experience and add beauty to your gaming sessions.

Cardboard Mat

Cardboard mats can serve various purposes such as player boards, special play areas, token storage, or scoring boards. These boards are not foldable and do not have wrapped edges. Dual-layer mats consist of two layers of punchboard that are glued together. By punching out designated areas on the top layer, the mat provides a specific spot for placing components like cubes, discs, and meeples, giving your game a high-quality feel.


Punchboard, also known as die-cut card, is a versatile components widely used in the board game. It consists of thick cardboard sheets pre-printed with various shapes, symbols, or tokens. By easily punching out these pieces, players can enhance their gaming experience by customizing their game components. Our punchboard is crafted with precision, ensuring clean cuts and durable pieces that add an extra level of tactile engagement.

Poker chip

Poker chips play a vital role in tabletop gaming. These small, round pieces serve as currency, representing the value of bets, raises, and winnings during poker or other games. They provide a tangible way of tracking and managing the flow of money in the game, ensuring fairness and accuracy. At our factory, we offer chips come in a variety of materials, including ceramic, clay, and plastic, to provide the right weight and feel for every player's preferences. Our chips are customizable, allowing you to create a personalized set with your own unique designs or logos.

Paper Pad

The paper pad is a versatile tool in tabletop gaming. It offers a convenient way to keep track of scores, notes, and other important information during gameplay. Whether it's jotting down strategies, keeping track of player turns, or serving as a scorepad, the paper pad ensures a smooth and efficient gaming experience. Additionally, customizable options such as different sizes, one or both-sided printing, and color variations allow for a personalized touch.


Stickers are a common component found in many tabletop games. These colorful adhesive labels can be used to mark game pieces or game board spaces, track player progress, or add decoration to a game. Stickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and can be customized to match the theme of a specific game.


Dice are small cubes marked with numbers or symbols, rolled to determine game outcomes such as movement, combat, and resource allocation. We offer dice in a variety of sizes and styles, from standard six-sided dice to more complex shapes with eight, ten, or even twenty sides. Many games utilize multiple dice of different sizes and types, creating a unique game experience with each roll. Some games even include custom-designed dice with unique markings or colors, adding to the excitement and immersion of the gameplay.

Cloth Bag

Cloth bag is designed to hold and conceal various game components such as tiles, cards, or tokens. Players can reach into the bag without knowing what they will pull out, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the game. At our service, we offer cloth bags customized according to your desired size, fabric and color preferences, . To make your bag truly unique and special, we provide additional enhancements like embroidery, silkscreening, or full-color printing to the exterior.

Rubber Playmat

A rubber playmat is crafted from high-quality rubber material, offering a durable and non-slip surface for gameplay. Its smooth and cushioned surface ensures a comfortable playing field while keeping cards, tokens, or miniatures securely in place. Moreover, the rubber playmat effectively absorbs impact and minimizes noise when moving game pieces. These playmats frequently showcase eye-catching designs, thematic artwork, or game-related illustrations. Available in various sizes, they can be conveniently rolled up for storage or transportation.

Custom Wooden Components

We offer meticulously crafted wooden pieces that are tailored to your specific designs and requirements. These components, such as tokens, meeples, resource pieces, dice, and player boards, are all expertly made using high-quality wood. Not only are these custom wooden components durable and long-lasting, but they are also designed to withstand repeated use and handling. Additionally, they offer the flexibility of customization through laser engraving, etching, or painting, allowing for the inclusion of intricate details, unique designs, or even game-specific elements.

Custom Plastics Components

Custom plastic components can range from tokens and miniatures to game boards, cards, and dice. The use of plastic ensures longevity, as it can withstand wear and tear and is easy to clean. Additionally, plastic components can be customized through molding and printing techniques, allowing for intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and unique designs. Whether it's the intricate details of a plastic miniature or the smooth finish of a custom plastic token, custom plastic components add a touch of professionalism and sophistication to tabletop games.

Custom Metal Components

Custom metal components provide a premium and luxurious aesthetic that enhances the overall gaming experience. These components, crafted from metals such as zinc alloy or stainless steel, encompass tokens, coins, dice, player pawns, and even game boards. They can be customized using techniques like etching, engraving, or embossing, allowing for intricate designs, unique textures, and personalized engravings.
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